About TelecomFM

TelecomFM was formed in 1995 with the clear aim of creating a leading global supplier of network access products and solutions for the global telecoms marketplace. Since 1995, opportunities have changed as fast as technology, allowing TelecomFM, as a leading U.K. based technology company, to grow rapidly, taking strong positions in the PSTN, GSM, VoIP and ISDN markets.

TelecomFM have a portfolio of innovative, modular and upgradeable products designed for easy access and connection to the variety of alternative fixed line and GSM networks available . Remote management and full upgrade of all products is seen as an essential quality to providing the greatest possible longevity to an already modular and flexible range. Attention to quality at the design stage is mirrored by a vigorous service and support philosophy, which has allowed TelecomFM to become one of the fastest technology companies in the U.K. TelecomFM's independence allows the company to concentrate fully on what it does best - the innovative creation of leading edge products within a framework of sound value, efficiency and reliability - fully utilising the innovative expertise of their experienced development team. As a result TelecomFM is currently at the forefront of fixed / mobile integration.

TelecomFM has offices in UK and SPAIN.