CellFax plus
CellFax plus

CellFax plus is a fully featured terminal that allows major network operators to provide a viable alternative to Fixed Line Connections by offering their customers Fixed Wireless Access to Voice, Fax, SMS and Data.

CellFax plus provides users with high quality voice using EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) codecs, the ability to reliably Send and Receive Faxes using a standard Analogue G3 Fax Machine and supports data connections using GPRS for Email and Internet access.

CellFax plus includes an integrated battery backup which enables continued use when mains power has failed or is not available.

The CellFax plus terminal can be self-installed by the end user, making the provisioning cycle simple and reducing costs for the network operator.

Key Features
  • Make and Receive Voice Calls via POTS Phone, PBX Trunk Port or PBX Extension Port
  • Fax Sending and Receiving via Analogue G3 Fax machine
  • GPRS Data via PC Serial port (Network dependent)
  • Battery Backup
  • LCD Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Three Party Conference Calling
  • Phonebook
  • Caller Line ID Presentation
  • Dialled Number substitution / modification
  • SIM lock
  • Network lock
  • Hotline automatic number dialling
Versions Available
Product 2G
Data Data Speed Interfaces Download
CellFax plus GPRS
(up to 85.6kbps)
2 x FXS
1 x FXO
1 x RS232 Serial
Download Datasheet